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HITACHI Elevator Asia Pte Ltd, with professionals from Japan, Singapore, and other Asian Countries, manages all sales, coordination, and operational requirements of the Continent. Due to the international nature of the Company, all issues, Commercial and Technical, resulting from multilingual communication requirements of the Continent are effectively sorted out in real-time.
HITACHI with its unified and direct quality control guarantees the quality of their Product irrespective of the location of their facilities involved in supplying the product.

HITACHI employs centralized quality control to guarantee the quality of the product they manufacture.

As exclusive Distributor of HITACHI Elevators, Escalators, Moving side Walks, and other affiliated Products, PIEC guarantees unparalleled services in the supply, installation, and maintenance of the said Products to our customers.
The Brochures and Catalogues enclosed herein shall demonstrate the range of Products and their technical information.

Hitachi Products & Services


Hitachi elevators boast a history of around 100 years. In addition to Japan, we have also continued to support vertical transportation in cities that are experiencing more and more high-rise buildings in accordance with their economic growth, in mainly China, India, the Middle East, and other Asian nations. Evidence of the high levels of quality we provide is available in the fact that our elevators have been chosen for landmark buildings in many countries. The manufacturing concepts which Hitachi has cultivated for many years in such areas as safety, security, and environmental consideration, are embedded in all of its products, from the world’s fastest elevators through to residential elevators.

We have a full line-up of elevators with wide-ranging performance levels and specifications, from residential elevators installed in private residences through to machine-room elevators and machine-room-less elevators for various applications including for offices, and high-speed, high-capacity elevators for high-rise buildings. We can also customize designs and functions in alignment with the purpose of the buildings, such as for condominiums, offices, factories, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, etc.

Escalators and Moving Walks

In the current rush to make cities barrier-free, escalators and moving sidewalks are indispensable forms of transportation for different situations in commercial facilities, railway stations, airports, etc. In addition to our quest for obtaining universal designs for escalators, Hitachi has achieved efficient operations with no wasted energy by detecting people’s movement as they board and alight, as well as periods of congestion. We will continue to further expand these activities.

We supply escalators equipped with high levels of design performance in such areas as step width and handrail lighting, etc., in alignment with a wide range of building objectives. They also include user-friendly levels of safety and environmentally conscious levels of energy saving. Horizontal and inclined moving sidewalks are available to cater to all installation environments.

Group control Elevator System

Hitachi has developed a control algorithm to reduce the amount of time people are kept waiting for elevators. The system predicts the hours that the elevator will be used most and arranges the cars accordingly, making it seem as if they knew you were about to arrive. Responding to elevator demand that fluctuates in accordance with the time of day, Hitachi is aiming at a transportation environment that will satisfy as many users as possible.

Our FIBEE destination floor reservation system sends elevator cars to priority floors that receive the heaviest congestion during morning peak hours, etc., by learning from daily elevator usage data. And our FI Series group control systems coordinate multiple cars together to achieve well-balanced car allocation, in consideration of wait time.


Maintenance performed by experts is a vital factor in ensuring that facilities can be used safely, securely, and in comfort. Hitachi has cultivated its advanced maintenance technologies in Japan where quality standards are very strict and shares them with its Partners and distributors in order to train proficient engineers on site. This ensures that engineers with expert skills are able to provide customers with optimal maintenance in alignment with the operational status of each and every elevator and escalator while making the most effective use of voluminous maintenance data and the latest maintenance tools. In this way, we can provide services based on a thorough knowledge of our products in a way that only Hitachi is capable of.

Implementing the appropriate measures before problems arise to maintain quality allows us to provide safe, secure, and comfortable environments. And, in the event of malfunctions, engineers in the nearest service center will respond immediately to ensure that they are repaired as swiftly as possible.


Hitachi has various modernization plans for aging elevators and escalators. Upgrading to the latest models drastically improves safety, comfort, and energy-saving performance. It also results in improving the value of buildings, so we hope you will consider it.

We can suggest optimal plans for modernization in accordance with the condition of customer facilities, such as removing the entire system and replacing it with the latest equipment in addition to alterations in design, upgrading control equipment, and improving safety functions around the doors.

The Best Advertisement of a Product is it’s “Quality”

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Hitachi Elevators Digital Services

Big data cloud platform accumulated over the years

Data accumulation analysis is the basis and prerequisite for the digital transformation of buildings. Countless real data has formed Hitachi Elevator’s unique cloud service center over time.  ELECLOUD

The ladder to realize the Internet of Everything

At present, 350,000 units + elevators have been connected to Hitachi Elevator Cloud Service Center. Under the operation of the big data system with AI analysis function, while continuously monitoring the operation status of elevators 7X24 hours, the intensive and widespread offline maintenance implementation basis serves as a ladder for the cloud to connect with the real world. When the visible service and the invisible big data analysis are organically combined, it can bring more added value to customers beyond the elevator, Hitachi Elevator Digital Service ELECLOUD came to life.


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